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One of the most important aspects of Human Life is holding and dealing in properties, and we have you covered over this aspect in all manners. We specialize in this sphere whether it be Sale, Mortgage, Lease or Transfer of Property and Claims. We undertake drafting of various documents Tailor-made individually for each client per the facts and circumstances including Deeds, Documents, Agreements and Contracts.

We know that with the growing legal complexity in Law it is very important to cover various aspects of RERA. This is why we focus on Legal representation, development, investment planning and real estate dispute resolution providing advice across the full spectrum of the commercial and residential property.

Real Estate & Infrastructure Related Laws
  • Sale of Immovable Property
  • Mortgages of Immovable Property and Charges
  • Lease of Immovable Property
  • Transfer of Actionable Claims
  • Transfer of Property as per Succession
  • All types of Deed, Documents, Agreements and Contracts
  • Representation in all matters relating to Transfer of property
  • Project Registration
  • Post Registration Updates
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Certificates by Professionals
  • Extension of Project Registration
  • Insurance of Project
  • Formation of Association of Allottees
  • Legal Consultation Services
  • Revive of scheme of project to with RERD Act, 2016
  • Transfer of Projects
  • Takeover of projects
  • All other services under the RERA Act
  • All kinds of Litigation relating to RERA Act
  • Regulatory Approvals and Legal assistance

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