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With a wide spectrum of usage and thereby exploitation cases and harassments in the field of media and entertainments, it has become extremely important to have your legal relationships covered by a Professional. We at Gray Matters provide a wide range of services including Drafting of Agreements, Anti-Piracy Enforcement Service, Artists Sponsorship and contracts, Negotiations on behalf of artists, Talent Arrangement, Arrangement of Funds and Investments, Print Media and Digital Media Assistance and other related services including Legal representation at various levels.

Media & Entertainments
  • Agreement Drafting (Co-production agreements, broadcasting contract, film rights agreement, songwriter agreement, artist agreement, digital marketing agreement, distribution agreement, vendor agreement, recording agreement, synchronization agreement)
  • Anti-Piracy Enforcement Service
  • Artists Sponsorship and contracts
  • Negotiations on behalf of artists
  • Talent Arrangement
  • Funds and Investment
  • Print Media and Digital Media Assistance
  • Legal Representation

Other Services