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We are the Civil Litigation Lawyers, Advocates, Legal Consultant Firm in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad.It is essential to obtain the advice of a knowledgeable attorney you can rely on when a matter needs to be resolved through civil litigation. We have assembled a group of some of the most brilliant and committed solicitors at Gary Matters. We can give you the direction you need to handle your civil litigation situation successfully. Your rights and interests will be upheld throughout the entire process.

Civil Litigation Lawyers

Meaning of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the outcome of a legal disagreement between two or more parties when they are seeking monetary compensation or another particular performance as opposed to criminal penalties. Instead, they must proceed to the courtroom for a trial so that a judge or jury can make a decision.

What a Civil Litigation Attorney Does

A civil litigation attorney's job description and duties can be complex and demanding. Two or more parties are set against one another in an adversarial procedure. As his client's representative, the lawyer has a duty to defend him and work to secure the greatest result for him. In order to effectively defend their clients, Advocates who specialise in this area must be prepared to take opposing positions, welcome confrontation and controversy, and effectively behave as human pit bulls. In this industry, attorneys and litigation paralegals frequently put in long hours, particularly during trials.

An attorney experienced in civil litigation will guide you through every step of bringing and pursuing a non-criminal case. An attorney can also provide you advice on whether your matter would be better handled outside of court or in it.

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